Postdoc.Mobility fellowships support postdocs who wish to conduct a research stay abroad.

The fellowships are in principle awarded for 24 months, but never for less than 12 months. The total duration of a Postdoc.Mobility fellowship and any other SNSF mobility fellowships obtained by the recipient may not exceed 36 months. Recipients of an (Advanced) Postdoc.Mobility fellowship may apply for a return phase of 3 to 12 months at a research institution in Switzerland.

Changes in the Postdoc.Mobility Regulations

The following provision in the Postdoc.Mobility Regulations has been amended: Extensions of the eligibility period are no longer limited to one year. Their duration now reflects the actual duration of the delay. Furthermore, in the event of maternity after obtainment of the doctorate or medical licence, the eligibility period can be extended by 18 months per child or longer if documented. Please refer to Clause 1.11 of the General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations.

Evaluation procedure

In the context of developing its evaluation procedure, the SNSF will include a new feature in the selection process as of the Postdoc.Mobility call of 1 February 2019. Applications will be placed in the same group if considered to be both of equal quality and worthy of funding after scientific evaluation and after the exercise of due discretion. Funding decisions on applications within this group will be made by drawing lots. As these applications are at the same level in terms of quality, they cannot be scientifically differentiated any further. Applicants excluded by drawing lots will be informed accordingly when provided with the reasons for rejection. The SNSF will carefully analyse the effects on the evaluation procedure of this legally valid new process and will take the insights gained thereby into account.