NRP 56 “Language Diversity and Linguistic Competence in Switzerland“

Swiss language policy aims on the one hand to strengthen the understanding between the various linguistic regions and on the other hand to foster both the formation of the identity of individuals and their mother-tongue and foreign-language skills. The National Research Programme “Language Diversity and Linguistic Competence in Switzerland“ (NRP 56) seeks to establish the scientific foundations for this policy. It is divided into three main areas: clarification of the legal and political conditions to enable action taken in the language policy context to be more effective, better knowledge to encourage linguistic competence and the ability to communicate and examination of the interaction between language and identity.

Facts & Figures


CHF 8'000'000


5 Years

President of the steering comittee

Walter Haas, Departement für Germanistik der Universität, Freiburg

Scientific Secretariat

Christian Mottas, SNSF

Start of research

2005 - 2010