International strategy and its implementation

The broadest possible exchange of ideas can be an important driver of scientific excellence. As a promoter of excellence, the SNSF leaves no stone unturned to facilitate international cooperation.

In tackling shared challenges on a global scale, research transcends national borders. Approximately 75% of all SNSF grants ending in 2019 (2136 grants) included one or more international collaborations. 71% thereof were with colleagues in Europe, 48% with researchers in North America.

The SNSF has reviewed and fleshed out its international strategy, initially launched in 2018. It is key to understanding the core mission and scope of the SNSF's activities.

Commitment to international cooperation

The global orientation of the new strategy enables the SNSF to facilitate research collaboration with other countries and underlines the value of opening up funding schemes for international cooperation. The strategy also reaffirms the SNSF’s commitment to the full integration of Swiss research into the European research area and international networks. The SNSF is making a concerted effort to promote cross-border research together with national funders abroad.

"Participation in international networks is a major success factor for Swiss research," says Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, president of the Specialised Committee for International Cooperation, who succeeded Katharina Michaelowa in January 2021. "By facilitating cooperation across national borders, we are increasing research capacity and excellence both in Switzerland and abroad."

Upholding the values of the SNSF

The SNSF is open to scientific research in all disciplines. Scientific excellence is the main criterion it applies in its research evaluation work. The SNSF's support for international cooperation also involves a commitment to good scientific practice - notably transparency, equal opportunities and scientific integrity. It expects its cooperation partners to share the same principles. "We are determined to stand up for our values also in international cooperation," Anna Fontcuberta i Morral specifies.