Politics courses 2024: How do we as researchers get our message to Swiss politicians?

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Researchers and politicians have to work together constructively to overcome the challenges facing society. The SNSF's politics courses improve the political skills of researchers in Switzerland.

Making sure researchers and politicians understand each other not only requires politicians who are interested in science, but also researchers who know something about politics. As a research funder, the SNSF is now making a tangible contribution to this.

Would you like to learn how your research can make an effective contribution to political affairs or how to get parliaments and administrations to listen to you?

One-day intensive training course

The SNSF has been offering a one-day course that gives researchers exactly this knowledge since 2023. The course focuses on the foundations of Switzerland’s political system and an in-depth discussion of “science and politics” and “taking part in political and public discourse”. The course is run in partnership with Reatch.

During this intensive course, you will learn how to find suitable contacts in parliament and administrations. You will learn how to set your concerns in a suitable context and to estimate what their public impact will be. The course will also teach you how to avoid exploitation.

Open to all researchers in Switzerland

The course is aimed not only at researchers funded by the SNSF, but also at researchers in all disciplines and at all career stages at Swiss higher education institutions. The next course will be held on 12 February 2024 in Bern and will be conducted in German. The first course in English will follow on 17 June 2024, and the French course on 4 November 2024. The SNSF will cover the course fees. The number of participants is limited to 16. In 2023, all places were booked within two weeks, so we recommend that you register early.