NRP 40 "Violence in Daily Life and Organized Crime"

​Despite crime rates which remain relatively low by international standards, the public still consider the problems associated with everyday violence and organised crime to constitute a serious threat to the state and the private life of ordinary citizens. The aim of the National Research Programme "Violence in Daily Life and Organized Crime" (NRP 40) was to investigate the two phenomena and the interaction between them in predominantly interdisciplinary, practical research projects. The second aim of the research efforts of NRP 40 was the development and monitoring of preventive and intervention measures in the two fields of research.

Facts & figures
Overall fundingCHF 8'000'000
​President of expertsMark Pieth
​​Direction du programme​Eva Wyss
​End of research​2002


M. Pieth, M. v. Cranach, C. Besozzi, C. Hanetseder, K.-H. Kunz., Gewalt im Alltag und organisierte Kriminalität. Die Ergebnisse eines Nationalen Forschungsprogramms, Haupt-Verlag, Bern 2002