Mobility grants in projects

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Add to your research experience by going abroad!

Mobility grants are aimed at doctoral students who wish to improve their scientific profile by going abroad while being employed in an ongoing SNSF research project. During the period spent abroad, the grantee will remain matriculated at the Swiss home institution and employed as a doctoral student in the SNSF-funded research project.

A mobility grant can cover travel and living costs as well as fees for conferences and workshops of up to CHF 20,000. It is awarded for six to twelve months. If the applicant is to be accompanied by his immediate family, up to CHF 5,000 per additional family member may be awarded.

  • Participation requirements

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    • The doctoral students are employed in a research project funded by the SNSF, are seeking to obtain a doctorate in connection with their scientific work for the research project and are enrolled as doctoral students;
    • They provide written confirmation from the host institution stating that the doctoral student will be adequately supervised and granted access to the infrastructure there.

    In addition, applicants should note that:

    • the stay abroad must take place within the time-frame of the research pro-ject funded by the SNSF.
    • applications must be submitted no later than two months before the start of the stay abroad.
    • the earliest submission date is the first day of operation of the research project funded by the SNSF.
    • the latest submission date is eight months before the end of the research project funded by the SNSF.

    In project funding, mobility grants may be requested for the Swiss part of lead agency applications. This includes mobility within the lead agency countries. Within international co-operation programmes, mobility grants are available only to doctoral students employed in Switzerland. You may apply for mobility grants only for stays in countries that are not collaborating on the current project

  • How To

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    Submission of proposals

    Applications must be submitted via the mySNF platform.

    In the mySNF entry mask, grantees need to access their current SNSF project and select the option "Supplementary grants".

    The application must contain all mandatory data and enclosures.

    Applications are assessed in the order of their submission.

  • Documents

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  • FAQ

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    With a mobility grant, can I finance several stays abroad at one or more research institutions?

    The stay abroad must take place without interruption at a single research institution and last six to twelve months. You cannot use a mobility grant to finance several stays abroad at one or more research institutions.

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