Project funding - first call after innovations in funding scheme

In the context of its innovation process, the SNSF has adjusted the conditions of the project funding scheme. The scheme enables qualified researchers to conduct research projects on self-chosen topics and with self-chosen goals under their own responsibility.

​The changes are intended to encourage researchers to focus on one project and plan it for a four-year period. They can apply for coverage of research costs and staff salaries as well as for the funding of scientific cooperation, networking and communication; however, they may not apply for their own salaries.

Innovation process

The SNSF adapted the project funding scheme on the basis of a client survey evaluated in 2014 and the analyses of an internal working group. The aim is to make the SNSF's key funding scheme more flexible and attractive to researchers and to support research more effectively. The SNSF also adopted rules that clearly define scientific responsibilities in research projects.

Applications can be entered in mySNF as of mid-August 2016

Due to the adjustment of IT systems to the new SNSF legal bases, it will only be possible to enter project funding applications in mySNF as of mid-August 2016. Researchers can already work on their research plan. The guidelines regarding these documents and important information for applicants are available on the project funding website.