The intricate dance to ensure fair peer review

© Anthony Gerace

Research would be unthinkable nowadays without an evaluation system. That applies to project proposals as well as to the finished papers. Horizons looks behind the scenes to see how points are awarded in science.

Scrutinised, weighed up and deemed not good enough. That’s what happens to plenty of research proposals and submitted papers. The current issue of Horizons reports on the elaborate dance surrounding fair peer review in science: It sheds light on both conventional and more adventurous evaluations, follows a scientific article on its path through the evaluation process, talks to three researchers who regularly evaluate papers, and explodes a few myths about the way funding is awarded.

Aside from that, Horizons meets five researchers who fled persecution in their home countries and arrived in Switzerland with nothing but their knowledge.

Other highlights include: Geneva University Rector Yves Flückiger on the state of Swiss research – Swiss cardiac medicine in the fast lane – and a day in the kindergarten, notebook in hand.

The latest issue of Horizons is just as diverse as research itself – and, as always, freely accessible for everyone.