Horizons research magazine: Putting publishing to the test

The system of publish or perish has often been criticised and is presently in a state of upheaval. The current issue of Horizons explains why.

Scientific publication is in flux. On the one hand, demands are being made to prioritize quality of research over the number of publications. On the other hand, digital media enable forms of publishing such as preprint platforms and brief reports of incremental results that constitute attractive alternatives to expensive, peer-reviewed journals. The current Horizons explores the evolution of scientific publishing, compares researchers’ visions for improving the system against reality, asks hard questions of professional publishers and introduces five innovative Swiss projects.

You’ll also meet three researcher couples who recount how their private relationships inspire their collaboration in science and the special challenges they face.

Additional highlights include an interview with climate researcher Sonia Seneviratne; a visit to the Benedictine community at Einsiedeln Abbey; and a meeting with environmental epidemiologist Martin Röösli, a voice of reason in the anti-5-G debate.

As always, the current issue of Horizons is as varied as the research it covers – and accessible to all.