Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme: closing event in Sofia

The Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme ended in October 2016 with a conference titled "Scientific Cooperation matters: Growing Bulgarian-Swiss collaborative research". The 13 projects conducted under the programme are presented in a series of videos.

​With representatives of the academies, universities, the political sphere and administration in attendance, the final conference looked back on the successful bilateral collaboration programme. A panel discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities that lie in store for Bulgarian science and innovation in the future. EU Commission policy officer Ralitsa Atanasova gave a keynote speech on "Widening and Participation", in which she explained why integrating Bulgaria into the international research community is so important.

In the context of the Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme, 13 joint research projects were awarded grants worth CHF 4.2 million in total. Each project is presented in a video.

Videos on the 13 projects conducted under the Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme (in Bulgarian with English subtitles):