445 applications for SNSF Starting Grants 2022

International expert panels will now evaluate the applications in a two-phase process.

The SNSF launched this call specifically for researchers who had intended to apply for an ERC Starting Grant or an SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship. Due to Switzerland's current status of non-associated country in Horizon Europe, the SERI has mandated the SNSF to launch this transitional measure. With an SNSF Starting Grant, grantees will lead an independent research project and direct a team of researchers in Switzerland.

Applicant profiles

The 445 applications are distributed as follows across the different disciplines: about 38% are in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering; biology and medicine account for 33%; and 29% are in the humanities and social sciences. The average budget requested per project is 1.7 million francs.

181 women researchers submitted an application, corresponding to 41% of projects. The highest number of applications by women were submitted in biology and medicine (48%), followed by the humanities and social sciences (47%) and mathematics, natural sciences and engineering (29%).


Scientific evaluation panels will assess the submitted projects in a two-phase process. The panels are composed of international experts and are comparable to the ERC panels. In phase 1, applications will be assessed and rated based on the submitted documents; in phase 2, external peer reviews and interviews will be taken into account. Each application will then be compared with the other applications and ranked.

A scientific Steering Committee will supervise evaluation and funding activities in relation to the SNSF Starting Grants 2022.

In November 2022, the SNSF will inform the applicants selected for phase 2 whether their project has been approved for funding.